Third Month of Campus Ministry

Events, Events, and More Events!!

Thank you!!

You guys are great! Thank you so much for your support and prayers and donations! Thank you for the encouragements and blessing you've poured out on me! I literally couldn't do any of this without you!


Org Fair:

    At the very beginning of October we had another organization fair! This time around I had some help! Erika (pictured) is a student who volunteered to be our student spokesperson on how great FOCUS is! 
    At this fair we had a question board where we asked "What does it mean to live life to the full", and has sticky notes for students to answer the question and engage in conversation about how Jesus wants us to live full lives here and now. This fair brought many more students to our weekly meetings which was a huge answer to prayer!

Fall Camp:


 Fall Camp is a yearly event that FOCUS does in the fall where we go to the campgrounds at Mt. Lebanon Camp and Conference center and spend a full 24 hours together in spiritual friendship! This year was spectacular!! 

During Fall Camp we had a good bit of free time to get to know each other, followed by an amazing worship session! We sang all together with a guitar duet leading us. After worship I led us in communion, where I asked students to share what they think about when they think of Jesus. I was so encouraged by the students sharing! One of our students has not yet devoted his life to Christ, and when he shared it was so sweet that we all got to encourage him and love him and show him that we love him anyway. He cried, I cried, we all cried.

This year we had 21 total people at Fall Camp, and we bonded deeply through soccer, basketball, 9-square, music, Uno (the card game), Mario Kart, s'mores, dancing, and ample conversation!

Camp = Campfire!!

What college experience is complete without staying up all night long? After our campfire, we had a silent game of late-night Uno! I definitely won at least one round, but even if I hadn't it was a super fun time

Wednesday Campus Connect:

On Wednesdays Sandra and I have been hanging out with students at Brookhaven. At the beginning, as would be expected, these meetings were not heavily attended, but these past couple weeks have been loads of fun! One week I brought my Nintendo Switch to the school and we played games together, while last week we made Halloween crafts (pictured). This has been such a meaningful time of fellowship! Sandra has started two bible studies with girls from these meetings, and I have been meeting with two of the guys! 

Tuesday Night Hangouts:

One of our Tuesday events was a study night! We played some laid back music and quietly worked on our homework together. We had a white board that people could doodle on if they wanted or needed to, and it turned into a board of memes and stress relief. After about an hour and a half of studying, we all went out to eat together! It was a fun time to get work done and also to hang out.
On another Tuesday, we split into guys and girls hangouts. The girls had their girl's night at the church and I took the guys bowling! This picture is our bowling scores (which are quite meager at best). But it was such a fun time, we bowled, played arcade games, and played billiards in a night of bonding and sarcasm. 

This last Tuesday Night Hangout of October was (of course) a Halloween decoration/craft night! I had students come over to my house where we made origami decorations, and I asked them to bring their own pumpkins for carving! After crafting and carving for a couple hours we ended up watching several episodes of Scooby-Doo immediately followed by video games.

Here is a picture of Natallie's pumpkin!! His name is Mr. Spookypants.

Halloween Party:

Last on this super long list of exciting events is the Halloween Party! The Thursday night FOCUS meeting (called TNT) before Halloween we invited the students to come dressed up in their costumes and to stay afterwards for a Halloween Party. The staff decorated the whole room, and we all wore our costumes (Sandra over here is wearing her costume (Eskeletor from Nacho Libre) and also a wig from Joey's costume (he was Nacho)). One of the greatest things about this party was that Chiloso donated fajita tacos, rice, beans, and all of the fixins FOR FREE! So on top of free, delicious food, Joey, Claire, and I each set up a game to play and we ended the night with some karaoke. Here's a video of the end of the final song of the night:

Prayer Requests

  • A continued interest and desire in the students' hearts at Brookhaven to seek out a community, and that we can provide a place of spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth for them.
  • For me to continue to practice resting with God rather than feeling like I have to always be on the move.
  • For the alive and active Word of God to infiltrate and take over my heart and the hearts and minds of all of the students in and around FOCUS.
  • Two of our Core Facilitators (student small group leaders) had to step down from leading due to life circumstances. They're fine! We are just a little short handed and sad that our friends are moving on.
  • One of my good friends, Simon, has been through the ringer. From getting in a pretty bad car wreck to family in the hospital, he's been stretched in his faith. Please pray for peace, wisdom, discernment, and healing for Simon and his family.


  1. Mr.Spookypants!!!! He sure is frightening loll. So glad you guys had lots of fun.


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