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The Holidays

The Holidays Thank You I'm so incredibly appreciative for you! I can't thank you enough for all of the support, prayer, and mula that you have donated to helping me bring God's light to Brookhaven and Richland college campuses. What a unique blessing it is to have so much care and support from you. I pray for you as much as I can, and that God would bless you even more than you've blessed me! Karaoke Night On November 9th, we had a Karaoke Night! After the spontaneous outbreak of karaoke at the Halloween party, we decided to dedicate a Tuesday hangout completely to karaoke! We had a really fun time singing together and goofing around to some funny songs like "Never Going to Hit Those Notes" ( link ) and all time classics like "Can't Help Falling in Love". This is a picture of Benji lip-syncing to Bryan who was NOT having it (jokingly).  Thanksgiving at Brookhaven The week before Thanksgiving, on Tuesday, we had a Thanksgiving lunch and crafting s