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First Month of Campus Ministry

Oh my WOW!! What a month! Thank you!! Thank you all so much for your prayers, they really helped me through these last few weeks. God has been shaping and reshaping and growing and stretching me each day and through so many people. I am so appreciative for your support in praying for God to give me strength, peace, and deep love! Finally On Campus! Last week was the first week of classes at Brookhaven , and the first bit of evangelism and outreach that we did at Brookhaven! It has been a bit slow going due to the shift from Brookhaven College to Dallas College: Brookhaven Campus. Brookhaven has been joining the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), and is currently in the final stages of changing over all of their policies and structures. This has made becoming a registered organization at Brookhaven a bit confusing, both for us and for the college staff! However, God is in control and went before us to make sure that there was an amazing Christian leader involved in the O

My First Week as a FOCUS Apprentice

The Fun has Begun!   I wanted to start out with a big ol' THANK YOU ! ! Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for being here with me and being the engine behind this locomotive of ministry! I literally could not do this without you! The Crew This picture is of the Richland/Brookhaven team . From left to right we've got Sandra Salvador, me, Claire Umstead, Sirak Asfaw, and Joey Thurston. Sirak, Sandra, and Joey are staff members, and Claire and I are apprentices. All of us will be bringing God's love to Richland College and I will spend a majority of my time at Brookhaven College. The Fun This last week was our staff retreat. We went out to a camp to spend time together as a staff and get to know each other better while also setting the foundation for what the beginning of our semester would look like. Even though this was the first week of being a licensed minister, we have been doing a lot of learning before no